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MY Executive was formed nearly 10 years ago. This past decade has been for us very different from previous years in virtually every aspect of business and social life – dynamic and unpredictable – yet still exciting and full of opportunity. Following our recent successes, a refreshed logo and corporate website to reflect our dynamic corporate identity were essential. We are delighted to present our updated image.

Periods of time such as decades are meaningful chunks of time in the lifecycles of businesses, just as in the lives of people. Just like people, businesses must rejuvenate and evolve. Business leaders must seek solutions to their problems. That's exactly what I did with my teammates. We thought deeply, and we asked each other about ourselves! I have to confess, while greeting you with our updated look, I have noticed that we are in exactly the same spot that we started. A deeper and more advanced MY Executive, yet never deviating, taking accurate and solid steps, anticipating the future.

Back when we were in the establishment phase, we were aware that our survival in the business world would be determined solely by the quality of services we provide. Therefore, we primarily focused on our job. Our target was to make the best of our job. At MY Executive, we identified our vision as, "becoming the 'most highly recognized' and 'preferred' company in the sector by creating value for our clients, through services at international quality and ethical standards”.. This objective actually was self-generated, because we already work to fulfill all of our clients’ expectations.

Coming to how and why we established MY Executive, I should mention that one of the main milestones of my professional life was working for the international service firm Arthur Andersen, which subsequently became Ernst & Young. While I was a senior executive there, Ernst & Young decided in 2005 that providing both assurance and executive recruitment services was leading to conflicts of interest, and the firm abandoned Human Resources Consulting. After that, everything pretty much developed spontaneously.

I was enjoying my job. I wanted to continue working in the HR arena, so I established "MY Executive." Some of my friends; Elif, Aslı and Cana from executive selection and assessment services were also enjoying their jobs, and had outstanding performance. They joined me in the establishment of MY Executive. It's so delightful that we are still working together.

We were lucky. We had an easy start. While progressing along a path that we knew well, in an industry in which we had ample experience and enjoyed working, our clients as well as Ernst & Young lent outstanding support. So, naturally, we worked very hard to reciprocate their care and trust! We focused on what we knew best: executive recruitment consulting. We have been true to our values of customer orientation, quality and reliability. We followed them as our principles, and never made concessions. We knew that in order to compete with the top international names within the sector, we had to provide outstanding services. We identified and developed our working standards based on that reality.

While we were focusing on our job, our name went viral. Referenced by our clients or candidates, new local and foreign clients began coming in. In 10 years, we achieved to position MY Executive among the best companies for executive recruitment, including all the international giants.

MY Executive’s greatest assets are its experienced partners who excel in the field of executive recruitment and with whom I have been working for many years based on solid principles, and our dynamic and enthusiastic research team.

With our 10th year anniversary approaching, we are proud to say that a decade later we are still honored by the trust bestowed upon us by our satisfied clients and candidates, and we are just as excited as we were on our very first day.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you on behalf of my teammates and myself.

Warmest regards,
Müge Yalçın