MY Executive was formed nearly 10 years ago. This past decade has been for us very different from previous years in virtually every aspect of business and social life – dynamic and unpredictable – yet still exciting and full of opportunity.

Following our recent successes, a refreshed logo and corporate website to reflect our dynamic corporate identity were essential. We are delighted to present our updated image. Read more...


MY Executive participated in the CFR Global’s 31st International conference in San Diego over the 6th to 7th November 2014.

About CFR's Board Director and CEO Christine Van Velthoven hailed the conference as a great success as it brought together the alliances senior partners to fully participate in a variety of business and social events and functions, often working together in teams to produce new and innovative proposals that will aid CFR partners existing professional recruitment service to clients.


Acting as the solution partner of Dutch bank, Rabobank, MY Executive managed the recruitment process for their new subsidiary bank: Rabobank A.Ž. Following an exclusive selection and recruitment process, MY Executive selected the team currently in charge of the Turkey operations, including management and the Board of Directors. Rabobank A.Ž. is now on the road to success with its dynamic and visionary management team.

On the announcement that Rabobank had acquired a banking license to operate in Turkey, many executives working at the headquarters in the Netherlands filed applications to work in Turkey. Rabobank Head Office decided to form a strong team composed of both Dutch and Turkish executives. Mr. M. Güray Alpkaya was selected to lead this strong team as the Chief Executive Officer of Rabobank A.Ž. At this point, MY Executive stepped in and contacted the top names within the... Read more...