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Rabobank A.Ş. ready to operate

On the announcement that Rabobank had acquired a banking license to operate in Turkey, many executives working at the headquarters in the Netherlands filed applications to work in Turkey. Rabobank Head Office decided to form a strong team composed of both Dutch and Turkish executives. Mr. M. Güray Alpkaya was selected to lead this strong team as the Chief Executive Officer of Rabobank A.Ş. At this point, MY Executive stepped in and contacted the top names within the finance sector for the key positions available. The election and recruitment process for the management of Rabobank A.Ş. which is owned by the 26th biggest bank of the world by its size of assets is not only a true success story but also qualifies as a noteworthy management case.

Due to the necessity to notify the BRSA on key figures that would be employed in Rabobank A.Ş. on predetermined dates, MY Executive took a major role on the recruitment component of building the organizational structure through ambitious teamwork in quite a short span of time. The most critical issue was that the team should consist of executives who could work together in harmony in line with the corporate culture of Rabobank. Excited to be a part of a new organization, executives worked as a fully motivated team day and night and eventually the operational license was rewarded by BRSA.

As the 50th bank to operate in the Turkish banking sector, Rabobank A.Ş. officially opened its doors to customers on November 3rd, 2014. One of the leading banks in the Netherlands with its activities in financing food and agri businesses, Rabobank aims to play a key role in the development of the Turkish economy where food and agricultural industries are of a great significance.

In an interview, Mr. M. Güray Alpkaya, CEO  of Rabobank A.Ş. , made detailed explanations on the recruitment process:

While establishing Rabobank’s Turkish subsidiary, you have recruited the top management in cooperation with MY Executive. What was it that you expected here?

To answer this question properly, it would be better to refer to the objectives of our bank. Because, whatever you aim for, you need to find high caliber talent who will undertake this aim. First of all, this is a long-term investment. In that, our fundamental principle is to address two customer groups as we work in a country. We want to manage the relationships and to finance the businesses of local representatives of the Rabobank  customers in the Netherlands, as well as to finance all clients in Turkey engaged in the food and agriculture value chain.

So, from this point of view, there were two business units in the bank. One is corporate banking, while the other is treasury and global financial markets. We have just added a third one; A colleague from the International Services area has joined us to help, from the banking perspective, our customers in the Netherlands manage their operations here.

When you establish a bank in Turkey, the regulations require that you have sufficient operational resilience to withstand all eventualities, in order to operate the bank. So, naturally, a minimum number of staff is needed to support this structure. Together with MY Executive we searched for profiles that excelled in their work and mostly managed to find them.

Do you think at this point the operation carried out by MY Executive has proven to be successful?

It definitely has. We assembled a team of up to 35 people from 16 different organizations. In our bank we have a program that we follow called CRISP, which facilitates behavioral aspects. We hold trainings/workshops in our bank in light of this program whereby at the end, we ask, "which listed existing value would you like to continue, lose or gain" The  value to continue/ keep selected by our team formed from 16 different organizations was "teamwork". I believe this is one of the examples that indicates being successful regarding the recruitment and the things we did post onboarding.