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Executive Search

Senior executives are the most essential human resources of a company. A senior executive implements the decisions taken by the Board of Directors and guides all employees accordingly. Equipped with leadership skills including strategic planning, visionary thinking, analytical approach, efficient time management, and the ability to empower others, senior executives alleviate the burdens of board members. Functions such as identifying, training, educating and motivating staff, as well as grooming future leaders are reflections of the leadership characteristics of senior executives.

In their execution and delivery role, mid-level executives are the on-field force of a company. Companies with strong mid-level executives can move forward more successfully into the future and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and improved efficiency. It's the mid-level managers who mobilize, energize and dynamize the company. Mid-level managers with strong leadership capabilities not only strengthen a company but also, as candidates of future senior leadership, pave the way for the company to grow in confidence.

Offering its knowledge base and expertise to prominent businesses via a rich and diverse portfolio of executives, MY Executive continues to fulfill all senior and mid-level executive needs of countless companies and organizations. With a trusted proficiency in senior and mid-level executive search and selection across all sectors, founder Müge Yalçın and our experienced team of consultants help companies in sourcing the executives they need, thereby contributing to the efficient growth of the Turkish economy.