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Our Values

Customer Focus
For us, our clients are much more than customers. We establish long-term relationships with our clients, considering them our partners and continually seeking innovative ways to help them achieve their business goals. We see ourselves as business and solution partners who strive to resolve our clients' demands in sourcing senior executives and independent board members. We do our utmost to understand clients’ needs from their own perspectives, to provide the best solutions available, and to exceed their expectations.  We know that the bar can always be raised higher in terms of customer satisfaction, and we give our clients every reason to believe that they can reliably expect more and more from us.

We operate at the highest level of international standards with regard to quality, never compromising on these standards while assessing candidates or fulfilling other client demands. We work tirelessly to ensure that we provide the best services in a market dominated by top international companies, thereby assuring  that we keep raising the bar, ourselves. Enjoying a prized database of highly-qualified candidates and an enviable stream of valuable references, we provide our clients with access to the most suitable and the best qualified executive resources to serve  their needs. 

We build and maintain our relationships with the highest standards of ethics, centered around honesty, integrity and transparency. We strictly protect the confidentiality of all personal and corporate data entrusted to us. In order to prevent conflicts of interest, we serve only a limited number of clients from the same sector. Throughout the life of any and all projects, we provide constant feedback to both clients and candidates, and we promptly inform them when we conclude a selection process. We never recommend executives of existing clients to other clients, and we never recommend candidates whom we have previously placed unless and until they formally give notice of their intentions to leave their current position.