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Company management comprises of senior-ranking professionals  who lead and leverage resources and strive to obtain successful results with the aim to reach the target and achieve desired outcomes. Management draws precise roadmaps for companies, formulates appropriate strategies, and enables the step-by-step implementation of these strategies by mobilizing lower-ranking people towards the target. At MY Executive, our job is to find the most appropriate executives in fulfilling our clients’ needs and who are able to empower organizations to attain desired results.

Committed to our values while operating at international quality standards, we distinguish ourselves among several international companies focusing on senior management, and we establish crucial partnerships with our world-class services.

Senior and Mid-Level Executive Recruitment

We help organizations source senior and mid-level executive candidates who are capable of understanding and fulfilling their business needs and expectations. As such, we help our clients source the most suitable candidates in terms of experience, competency, and alignment with their respective corporate cultures.

We are tuned into the business world, and in addition to our knowledge and experience, we also take advantage of the findings of the unique studies made by our research team while evaluating executives.

From banking and finance to FMCG, automotive, energy, pharmaceuticals, retail, and manufacturing, we continue to place executives in many sectors.

Non Executive Director Recruitment

One of the key underpinnings of corporate governance involves the inclusion of independent and non-executive members in the Board. Contributing to the Board’s strategies with their well-established business experience, knowledge and vision, these members protect the rights of shareholders and other stakeholders with their independent positions. At MY Executive, we offer best practice standard board composition services, vitally important for all companies following a growth trajectory and/or adopting a more robust corporate structure.